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300 follower giveaway!!! wow cool

you can win:

  • a cat zipper sweater (colour + size of your choice)
  • a drawing by me (it can be anything!! yeah i know i draw furry shit and stuff like that but i can do humans! ill draw a ship/you or w/e (i wont do any nsfw stuff gomen)
  • u dont have to have the drawing if you dont want it omg

RULES!! (read wow)

  • reblog as much as you want!! idc man (but be kind to your followers)
  • likes dont count but it dosent hurt to like!! (hahh ah)(ha)
  • make sure ask box is open omg
  • you dont have to be following me, but if you do ill throw in something a little extra for you uwu (maybe)
  • if you dont respond within 25 hours sorry man but im picking another winner
  • you have to be content w/ giving me your address
  • no giveaway/side blogs! 
  • ends 3rd of July!!

yeah thats it!! good luck uwu

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here, have a set of pictures I’ve sent to my 3DS.

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My bad job of making my Zorua into a purse. It can’t hold a lot and it’s all by hand. The strap is a old Marine keychain thing that I cut apart for my purpose. So if you guys made or have anything similar please share!


……I like it, fuck all y’all
Look at what my boyfriend won for me at my work yesterday! It’s bigger than me when I sit down!
This is my current team in Pokemon White 2! The Emboar and the Dewgong I borrowed from my boyfriend because I needed help from stronger Pokemon. What’s your current set up in the Unova region or any region you’re playing right now? c: Feel free to submit your trainer card or Pokemon stories.